Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Hello again fellow Nerds and Dorks! This time the subject of the blog was suggested by my good friend and our Nerd-in-Chief, Jaime Pierson. These items might not make the life of the player or GM any easier. Nor will they make you more handsome, viril or more attractive to your preferred gender. But they might make you look cool at the table and incite a little jealousy from other around the table. 

The Hex-Dice-Boxes are a great way to carry your favorite, most lucky dice set around. Until they start rolling 1s and it's back to the plain old dice bag, and your next favorite, most lucky dice set then go into the box, riding around in luxury of individual compartments, kinda like first class on an airline. 


They also have these nifty boxes that look like books that can double as dice trays.

And there are these ''Dragon Sheath'' boxes that can have various motifs (7 to choose from) on the lid and the interior can be cut in one of 14 different configurations. Available in three different types of wood.

Their site also has many other accessories and items, such as fantasy coins, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Swearshirts, mugs, etc.

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