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In the beginning there was only a blank page...

Worldcrafting, by Andrzej Stöj of Gramel Publishing who has published the very popular Beast and Barbarians setting as well as the horror/sci-fi setting of Nemezis. 

He is the author of this 96 page PDF document, available at DrivethruRPG and RPGNow.
Link: / Worldcrafting
If you are interested in creating your own game world and hopefully get it published so that other may enjoy your unique vision of a role-playing setting, that this can be a very valuable tool for you. Especially if this is your first time you're trying to put together a setting book. 
Let me start by saying what this book is not. It is not a book that tells you how to create a whole new role playing mechanic/game/rule set. It does mention the Savage Worlds rule set, but you can easily apply the advice and information therein for any rule system. Andrzej only refers to those rules occasionally and give us some examples by mentioning his own work on Nemezis. 
Breaking the book down into chapters, I wan…

Learn a new skill or improve an existing one.

My friend (and I use that term loosely) Eric Lamoureux, aka MaskofWintert, and host of The Wild Die Podcast, posted this on G+ earlier today, and poked fun at me for my recent lack of posts.

So this is what happens when you poke the Dragon, you get burned. :P

This is the blog site of a certain Erik Schmidt, who's been gaming since the 1980's. According to his site, he's a big fan of Tabletop RPGs and truly wants to make them more accessible to newcomers and gives tips and ideas on how to get someone new to our wonderful hobby.

Link: Unpossible Journeys
His site has many menu tabs at the top that cover various subjects such as ''About RPGs'' and ''Start PLaying'' for the newcomers, and ''Level Up'' for the new or experienced Game Master that could still use tips and tricks for their game sessions. Let's face it, even an experienced Game Master may need some new ideas to rejuvenate or re-energize their campaign, etc.

There are m…

Top Ten Dungeon Master Tips for Telling an Awesome Story

The Dragonspawn finally took some time to read thru a few emails he's received and had put aside to peruse later. 

This little blog-post is about the email I received from Skull Splitter Dice, who make some awesome dice by the way, and their website includes some interesting articles about all things role-playing and gaming. And one that got my attention was about Top-10 Dungeon Master Tips. So with no further ado, here are they are:

1- Create flawed characters:
Flawed characters are easy to relate to because everyone knows that no one is perfect and they can begin to see themselves or someone they know personally in the characters. Over time, your players will become emotionally attached to the characters and care about their journey

2- Keep reminding Players of the Goal:
This will make sure they stay interested in the game and motivate them towards the goal. Goal-reminding will make players emotionally invested in the game and the fate of the characters if they fail to reach the go…

Reading, Writing and Role-playing.

Hello again Nerds and Nerdettes. This time the Dragonspawn has read two books about writing for Role-Playing Games, and I will share some insight about both of them. Hopefully I will have taken away a little of their writing do's and don't for this review.

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The first book is written by someone who's work I've read before (and that I've commented on his work: How to Game Master Like a Fucking Boss!). This is a short, 14 page book about how to write adventure scenarios. Now this could be just for yourself or you may want to get published. 

Venger's book is shorter than Ray's but covers the main elements of writing but does not go into that much depth. Two of the pages are just art and a few other pages have some illustration on a portion of the page. The author doesn't use big complicated terms and words, he is concise and direct. He also doesn't make as many comical comments as his previous books, which helps with this…


Once again I was invited to the Wild Die for one of their ''Showdown'' episodes. This time it was a Science Fiction theme and I was talking about the Nemezis RPG setting, while another good friend and fellow Nerd, Matt Stark, chatted about High Space

Before I forget, I want to give you the link to Matt Stark's blog: Thoughts of a Barbarian. Matt offers us some of his views on RPGs as well as other insights.

Check out Episode 30 of the Wild Die Podast:The Wild Die Podcast. And here are my notes that I compiled for the show, that will give you a general overview of what this setting is about. I hope this will help you decide whether or not to get this one or High Space.

What kind of Sci-fi is it? Tone and additional genre? Hard, space opera, horror, transhumanism, post-apocalyptic? This is a Sci-Fi setting, set in the far future of humanity. 1000s of worlds have been colonized, science has made great advances, after a millenia of the first colony ships to have left the S…


Here's a quick blog post about a new Kickstarter called ''Distant Frontiers Poster Map Set''. 8 maps on Four double sided posters 22x34 inches each. They look really nice with plenty of details for your futuristic setting.

Also, as of this writing, they less than 300$ from being funded, with 5 days left to their KS campaign. Some of the stretch goals look great too (arctic base camp, alien jungle, and maybe more?).

Go check them out: Distant Frontiers Poster Map Set

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How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss

That's right, this time I review a game mastering aid book with the F-word in the title, deal with it. :)

''How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss'', 
by Venger As'Nas Satanis
That's hopefully not his real name, but I wouldn't take any chances. Don't summon anything with that name.

First off, it's kind of a fun read. The author obviously doesn't take himself too seriously but he does take the gaming hobby seriously. 

This is a sizable PDF at 124 pages, including covers, index, some full page artwork here and there, as well as many pages of Random Tables, a glossary of the author's own ''magical language'' called Viridian and a few dungeon maps.

Among the many tables there are tables for ''Past Events'', ''Desires, Goals and Motivations'' and ''Stupid Gnome Hats'', and many more.

Before all those tables, Venger also goes thru many topics about Game-mastering but doesn't go on an…

Instant City, Town or Village.

Hello Nerds and Nerdettes!

A few of you may have seen the subject which I will be reviewing in this installment, somewhere on the Googles, shared by fellow gamers. But I thought I'd look into it and test it myself, and then share my thoughts. Here goes.

So this is a site that allows you to quickly get a rough layout for a either small or larger Towns and Cities. If you don't like the one generated, just click on the appropriate town or city button and ''voila!'' a new map.

LINK: Medieval Fantasy City Generator
Below are a few maps I clicked on really quick and then I took a screen shot of them. And if you move your cursor over the various elements and sections it will tell you what may be there, such as a farm, gate, castle, marketplace, etc.

So your players will have at least an idea of where they are in relation to the castle, the east gate, or whatever.

Small town
Large Town
Small City 
Large City
LINK: Medieval Fantasy City Generator

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You can always rea…

Not your typical Toolbox subject

Hello Nerds and Nerdettes

This is not the typical subject for the Dragon's Toolbox, but this is my favorite Fantasy Setting. So I will ask for forgiveness and shamelessly plus Savage Mojo's new Kickstarter for the MEGA-Campaign for the World of Shaintar.

Check out the Kiskstarter link below Shaintar: Thundering Skies RPG Campaign

And this is an interactive campaign. Each group of Game Msters and Players can send it the result/reports of their session. This will help shape the outcome of the campaign. Each victory or setback can have an effect and change the course of history in the world of Shaintar.

* * * * * * * * * 
Earlier this year I was a guest on the Wild Die, along with Bill Lear. And we both were able to talk about our preferred Fantasy setting. 

Check out the episode link below Shaintar-vs-Hellfrost
And not too long ago, I was invited yet again to be a special co-host, along with guest Gayle Reick, from Savage Mojo. Host and good friend of mine, Eric Lamoureux, …